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Can Your Company Weather The Economic Storm When Customers Seem Impossible To Find?
Can Your Company Weather The Economic Storm When Customers Seem Impossible To Find?
Get  HIGH QUALITY ROOFING Storm Leads Without Any Of The Hassle!
Attention: Roofing Companies
Our "Boots On The Ground" canvassing will maximize leads and profits for your roofing business. We can get someone on the ground in your area in 48 HOURS!!
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We provide roofing contractors with qualified leads for new projects through Door-to-Door marketing.

We are your boots on the ground who will represent your brand throughout neighborhoods who most need your assistance.

Within 15 minutes of lead generation, your sales representative can be on the roof of that homeowner.
Listen to what our customers Have To say
Listen to what our customers say
Great customer testimonial from Tom Self of Click the link to book a free consultation call and see how we can get you more roofing leads by our advanced roof canvassing methods.
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Paul Reed Apr 01, 2018
You won’t be disappointed. 
Shawn Runs a great company. ROI is phenomenal!
Daniel Sechriest, July 02, 2017
These guys are true professionals! It's like hiring canvassers without all the babysitting and monitoring. They cost more but you don't have to manage anything.
Nick M., July 01, 2017
They provide value by generating real time leads after a storm. This ultimately helps us take over areas quickly & efficiently. His team helps build structure and accountability within our team. They build value at the door with potential clients by explaining the process which makes it an easy close for our reps. The expectations they set at the door are unlike any other lead source. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for quality leads after a storm event. We have used them multiple times typically 50 leads per campaign.
Kenny Bell, April 11, 2017
Awesome and professional people to work with! The return on investment is definitely a no brainer and our guys had an easy transition when they ran the appointments. The leads came very quickly!
Graham Dessert, April 09, 2017
Organization and communication is top notch! I would recommend Shawn and his team to a company that will work their system! You won't regret it!
Steve Staley, July 11, 2017
Hire a canvasser went above and beyond for us. Their canvasser was like the Floyd mayweather of canvassing. Our guys had a blast and we closed most of the leads they provided. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs a revamp of sales. We were so busy we couldn't dedicate enough time to knocking. Shawns team solved that and now we're booked with adjusters. 👍👍👍going to do another campaign in August also. 
Jim Stringham, June 27, 2017 
They are very straight forward on pricing and did a great job for us. The communication was great between dispatch and my salesman. We started with 25 leads and I'm about ready to hire them for 25 more.
Jason Chi, May 19, 2017
Shawn is the best of the best when it comes to canvassing quality leads!  I hired Shawn for a Chicago campaign for the 2017 storm. All the leads were solid and we closed about 90% of them! We can't wait for Shawn to be freed up so we can hire him again! 
Kris Randlett, May 09, 2017
Hired them for a storm that we were a week late to.Initially It was very difficult for my Salesmen to get any momentum.After only 3 days of Hire a Canvasser getting us in a lot of doors, we have taken over an entire neighborhood. I will hire them again for sure.
Thanks Shawn, Brian, and Cammy !!!
Kris Konstruction Design & Build Group

We Provide Roofing Contractors With Qualified Storm Leads
We Provide Roofing Contractors With Qualified Storm Leads
We have a well-developed team of canvassers who train in their craft every day and have a proven track record far beyond a typical door knocker. We strategically deploy to areas around the U.S. that have been hit by major storms. These are areas where many homeowners are likely to be in dire need of roof replacement. covered by storm damage.
  •  We are 100% USA travel based. We Love Roofers!!
  •  We Provide education to the consumer on the claim process.
  •   100% of leads verified we generate for you.
  •  All leads we provide for you are 100% guaranteed.
  •  All leads we provide are exclusive to you.

Our Specialty Is Getting Qualified Storm Roofing Leads

How Can Hire A Canvasser Help you:

Can Hire A Canvasser Help You Get Roofing Leads?

qualified roofing leads
Get Real-Time Leads
Our teams work in real-time, meaning we coordinate with you and your sales team in the moment. Within 15 minutes of roofing lead generation, your sales representative can be on the roof of that homeowner. No form of marking that is more direct or personal.
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Sign The Deal FAST
We use real-time, modern methods of canvassing and roofing lead generation to help meet your sales goals and achieve optimum profits.
We are confident that you will realize the value of our finely-tuned boots on the ground approach.
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Streamline Process
Partnering with our company takes much of the workload from business owners, giving you a competitive advantage. Once we determine a coverage area, Florida for instance, we set up a system quickly and effectively. Our streamlined process is proven to work and generate sales.
A Special Letter From The Owner
A Special Letter From The Owner
hire a canvasser roofing leads florida
Hire A Canvasser
Quality Florida Roofing Leads For Roofing Contractors
Dear USA Roofing Contractors:

Shawn Meredith here, owner of Hire A Canvasser (YOUR Roofing Leads Expert of the day) and today I am going to provide a great talk about a great MYSTERY. Everyone loves a great mystery don’t they?

Yes I am talking about the great mystery of Quality ROOFING LEADS and CUSTOMERS. It baffles and mystifies the BEST of us. But it doesn't have to bother YOU any longer. You see we have grown from the ground up a specialized company geared COMPLETELY to get Storm Damage ROOFING LEADS as well as all around the great USA, and particularly in storm ridden areas where the fruit can sometimes be the lowest for you. From Hail damage to wind damage, we can help you locate the best and highest quality leads in your area and as you can see from out 100% real testimonials above.... we provide REAL ROI. That's return on YOUR investment. It's very very high because we make actual contact with the customer and there is simply no better way than to sell roofing leads than face to face. 

Hire A Canvasser

How It Started
Starting in 2009, company founder Shawn Meredith worked directly with homeowners in need of storm restoration and saw that the industry was in need of change. After working several years with top contractors, he started his own company to expand storm restoration services to a national level.

By virtue of over 25 years of experience in the business-to-business, canvassing industries and Door-to-Door sales industries, he knew he could bring valuable insight to companies in need of new business. Since then, Hire A Canvasser, LLC. has worked with top Florida roofing contractors as well as all over the USA alongside his finely-trained team that deals with clients and homeowners with the highest level of integrity.

Let Us Help You!
We relish the opportunity to be a driving force to your business growth. We use real-time, modern methods of canvassing and lead generation to help you meet your sales goals and achieve optimum profits. We absolutely dominate the roofing lead generation in Florida so if you are located in Florida you simply must let us help you get leads!!!

We are confident that you will realize the value of our finely-tuned boots on the ground approach.
Send us an email so we can take you through the many ways we can help you grow!
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